AAIC2011 is extremely fortunate to be supported by some of the best astro-imagers in the world, and below is a brief summary of these presenters. The topics, where available, are not intended to be definitive as their presentations are still being finalised.

Prof. David Malin
Prof. Malin is a principal pioneer in the art and science of astro-imaging. For many, his work serves as a large part of the reason why we took up this hobby. He was a photographic scientist-astronomer with the Anglo-Australian Observatory (now the Australian Astronomical Observatory, AAO).He is also Adjunct Professor of Scientific Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne (RMIT), specifically the Department of Applied Physics. His work at the AAO Observatory still stands as some of the finest images of the night sky ever taken. More information regarding Prof. Malin’s work is available here.
Invited International Speakers
Ken Crawford
Ken Crawford is the President of the American Advanced Imaging Conference held in Santa Clara California annually. Ken is one of the world’s leading image capture and processing technicians with his Multi-Layer Deconvolution Blending and Depth of Field Processing techniques showing many of us the way forward. Ken is also heavily involved in professional / amateur collaboration projects on galaxy streaming, with several co-authored papers in professional scientific literature to his credit. Ken’s work can be viewed here.
Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Rogelio Andreo is an astro-imager who literally burst on the international scene with several APODs that left many of us scratching our head wondering ‘how did he do that?’. Rogelio lives and images in northern California. He has taken the art of widefield imaging and completely raised the bar. Examples of Rogelio’s work may be found here.
Invited Australian Presenters

The BOSS Supernova Group

The BOSS (Backyard Observatory Supernova Search) team consists of Peter Marples, Stu Parker (NZ), Greg Bock, Colin Drescher, Brendan Downs and Pat Pearl. To date, they have 15 supernovae discoveries credited to them. They work closely with Nidia Morrell at the Los Campanas Observatory in Chile on the Carnegie Supernova Project.
Mark Bolton

Mark is an astro-imager from the Gold Coast in Queensland. He images from his dark sky site at Leyburn on the Darling Downs. He will presenting a paper on a comparative study of tonal mapping using OSC DSLR cameras and CCD cameras employing RGB filters.

Terry Cuttle

Terry is an astro-imager from Queensland who has travelled to several solar eclipses around the world, constantly refining his techniques in how to best capture of these amazing celestial events. Terry will be presenting his techniques in anticipation of the upcoming 2012 eclipse in the Cairns region. Examples of Terry’s work can be seen here.

Greg Bradley

Greg is a somewhat prolific astro-imager from Sydney who is known to take some very good deep sky images with some really fabulous equipment. You can explore Greg’s work here.

Marcus Davies

Marcus is a keen imager from Grose Vale NSW, and will be presenting his thoughts on on how to climb the learning curve faced in astro-imaging. His presentation will provide a fresh insight for imagers who possibly don’t know what they have let themselves in for. He is proof-positive that attention to detail will produce better results. Marcus displays his work here.

Phil Hart
Phil Hart has long been a mad-keen amateur astronomer, but recently he discovered time-lapse video which requires even more time at strange places in the middle of the night and more hard disk space. In this presentation, Phil will talk about the techniques required for capturing and processing night sky time-lapse videos, and the work that he and Fred Vanderhaven have put into developing motion control devices to add greater cinematic effect to the videos. His work can be seen here.
Lars Hansen
Lars has been active in astronomy since the 1970’s, starting with regular flare star and solar flare monitoring. A succession of scopes, mounts and cameras has culminated the in the building of a permanent observatory in the Bathurst region of NSW, primarily devoted to imaging. The relatively dark skies of Bathurst have allowed Lars to spend considerable time “collecting photons” whilst also spending a lot of time automating the observatory combining his love of astronomy with his IT background.
Jason Jennings

From Melbourne, Jase was the winner of the overall Malin Award last year for his amazing image of the Rho Ophiuchus complex entitled ‘Celestial Fireworks’. Jason will be delivering a paper on his mosaic technique. View Jase’s work here.

Humayun Qureshi

Humayun is an aspiring professional wedding & landscape photographer from Canberra, who has also very successfully applied his high-end DSLR cameras to astrophotography. Although having recently moved on to CCD imaging, Humayun will present a talk on the vagaries & challenges of delivering aesthetically pleasing DSLR images by detailing his own approach to pre & post-processing. His work can be seen here.

Max Kilmister

Max is a Queensland astro-imager, now retired to his site north of Brisbane. On a dark night, it is short walk from his house to his observatory, where he produces some amazing images with his Astro Physics equipment. Max will present a talk on image acquisition techniques. Examples of Max’s work mey be seen here.

Mike Sidonio

Mike is a well-known Australian imager from Newcastle, where he images with his trusty AP152 Starfire & FLI ProLine16803 CCD. Mike will be taking us on a journey through the development of amateur imaging in Australia.
Mikes work can be viewed here.
Eddie Trimarchi

Eddie lives and images from his home on the Gold Coast. He has won many awards for his high-quality images taken under extremely difficult conditions. He is also the author of the Photoshop FITs plug-in that many of us use. Eddie will be presenting on data output to various media. Samples of his work may be viewed here.

Brett Soames

Brett is an astro-imager from the Bathurst region of NSW and is an expert in observatory automation. Brett will be presenting his talk on this very subject.

Anthony Wesley

Anthony is a well-known high-resolution planetary imager from Murrumbateman near Canberra. Anthony’s images of the major planets are truly awe-inspiring. He will be presenting a paper on high-resolution planetary imaging techniques. Anthony’s incredible images can be viewed here.

Julian West

Julian is a communications engineer by day, and an amateur spectroscopist by night. He is deeply involved in the development and practice of amateur spectroscopy. Julian will present on the design and construction of his spectroscopes and ancillary equipment as well as his plans for the future.