Award for Outstanding Achievement in Astro Imaging 2010-2011

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Astro Imaging 2010-2011
We are pleased to announce the inaugural “AAIC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Astro Imaging 2010 – 2011”. The award will be presented to a judged individual or group for an achievement within the field of astro-imaging. This could include an image of the highest quality, a piece of software, a processing procedure – in fact anything that involves astronomical imaging, either scientific or aesthetic.

The Award

The award will take the form of a framed certificate for all finalists and the winner will be presented with a certificate and a cheque for AU$1500. The award prizes will be announced during the conference dinner on Saturday 9th July at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Surfers Paradise.

Eligibility / Nomination Process

The nomination process involves submitting a one page nomination explaining the reason for the nomination. Anyone can nominate themselves or another person / group by emailing the one page nomination to in a Microsoft Word or pdf document format. Everyone is eligible for the award except for the conference organiser and the final judges (all presenters are eligible to enter). In the case of the nominated work being an image, a digital copy of the image (in either FITS or TIFF format) as well as a one page nomination and description is required. The winners of all awards must be conference attendees. Shortlisted finalists will be advised prior to the conference. Nominations will close 1st June 2011. Note also that any nomination for the award must not be copyrighted to anyone other than the nominated individual or group (for example: images submitted to magazines).


The nominations will be short-listed by a group of conference presenters to a short list of five nominations. The five short-listed nominations will be voted-for on a scale of 1 to 5, (with 5 being the best) by the visiting international presenters and the keynote presenter. The nomination receiving he highest score will be awarded the prize. The conference organiser holds the casting vote in the event of a drawn score.
Being the inaugural award, the time period for the nominated achievements has been extended to encourage participation. Your nominated image, process, etc. must have been generated in the period from 1st Jan 2010 to 1st June 2011. Future awards will be judged in the period of the financial year.

Short-listed finalist nominations will be put on display during the conference. If you are nominating an image then you are invited to bring a suitable quality hard copy for display.